Artistic Direction

Ms. Berliner is the Interim Artistic Director for Merrimack Repertory Theatre in Lowell Massachusetts. 

Current Teaching

Ms. Berliner is a core faculty member at

Peridance Capezio Center in New York City where she teaches Composition I and II. 

Current Writing

Swing Sisters 

Conceived by Lynnette Barkley

Book and Lyrics by Lynnette Barkley and Terry Berliner

Music by Coty Cockrell 

Additional Songs by Tony DeSare

Swing Sisters is a completely original story inspired by the fierce women musicians of the swing era. Highlighting an all-girl, multi-racial band, Swing Sisters features an exuberant jazz score and an array of diverse, complex female characters from three generations who turn out to be connected in the most unexpected ways.

In San Francisco’s Tenderloin District, circa 1943, we meet a spirited musician, Olivia DuPree, who is searching for her voice and her place in the world. Olivia, along with her quirky best friend Cookie, dives into the unpredictable world of Jazz. The fearless “swing sisters” come to understand how the power of music and the bonds of family and friendship can change everything.

“Life is a lot like jazz. . .it’s best when you improvise.”
-George Gershwin


Developed, in part, at the Rhinebeck Writers Retreat 2014.

Suddenly Supernatural

A Musical Adaptation

Based on the book "Suddenly Supernatural"

by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel  

Book by Terry Berliner and Joel Adlen

Lyrics by Joel Adlen and Leonard Moors

Music by Leonard Moors

Suddenly Supernatural is a story about a middle school girl’s struggles with her single mother, the girls in her new school, and herself. What makes Kat’s story unique is that in addition to all of the usual challenges of growing up and being in middle school, she also has to learn to deal with the dead people with whom her mother speaks (her mom’s a medium), and then the dead who begin to talk to Kat herself.


This is a coming of age story about the powers we have, those we inherit, and those that we need to learn how to nurture. With those powers comes a responsibility.