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Terry Berliner has served corporate clients and the theatre community for more than 25 years as a speechwriter, keynote and executive speaker coach, scriptwriter and director. For companies such as Vanguard, Intel, Mastercard, PGA, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Theatre Development Fund, A.R.T./New York, Halyard Health, Shaw Industries, and others, she has created and overseen messaged entertainment, business meetings, and keynote speeches by C-suite executives. Her theatre work has been seen on and Off Broadway, in regional theatres and in universities across the country.





Anytime and Anywhere

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Script and Speech

Visual Narrative


Video services are specifically geared toward the Video Conference Training session. During this training session we will help you to refine your visual narrative and create the perfect work space on any virtual platform. For more information on the Video Conference Training click here or to inquire about Video Conference Training click here.


Consulting services are unique to you, your brand and your product. Whether you are interested in a Video Conference Training session, direction of an upcoming Keynote speech, meeting or event, speechwriting or scriptwriting services we are here to serve you and cater to your specific needs. We are process oriented and create results that help you succeed in all of your interactive and public events, whether in person or on any virtual platform. To inquire about Consulting services click here.


Direction services include a full range of options geared toward your needs and vision including direction of a meeting, conference, or entertainment for your team and trusted partners. You choose how much or little guidance you need and we are happy to offer recommendations on a given project or step into the driver’s seat if you’d rather hand off oversight to an experienced and trusted director. To inquire about Directing services click here.


Storytelling services take your brand and your story, your event and your message and help you flesh it out. Whether it’s through assistance in crafting or refining a Keynote speech or an in-house meeting or you’re working on refining your visual narrative through a Video Conference Training session, we help you tell your story in the most effective and engaging way. To inquire about Storytelling services click here.


Writing services help you make every word count. We can take an idea that you have, flesh it out and turn it into a cohesive script or speech. With a commitment to accuracy and specificity we will work with you to help get what you want say on the page. So that when you present a speech, lead a meeting, or engage in an interactive event, the writing will be concise and clear. To inquire about Writing services click here.


Terry is offering a Video Conference Training session for those brand conscious business leaders and their employees who will benefit from guidance in defining, clarifying, and implementing best practices for virtual meetings and presentations. As our current business practices continue to evolve, we must embrace the power of new tools and be better at presenting ourselves and our brands on virtual platforms and in person. World-wide video conferencing, and the advantages and cost-saving measures that it offers, is here to stay. Now is the time to get good at telling your story and presenting your brand in any environment. A Video Conference Training session is the first step to making a better impression, building relationships, and defining your brand anytime, anywhere.



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